A South African YouTuber has revealed that an ANC Minister wanted s_ex in return for supporting her business.

Patricia Ndlovu said growing up she was always ambitious and wanted to have her own business. As an entrepreneur, at the age of 21 she ventured into property.

During her last year at university she registered her first property business which was ThandaOkuhle Properties. The problem was that she had no finance to start up her business.

Her friend directed her to an ANC Minister for assistance with funds. The Minister arranged for Patricia to fly to Capetown where she would pitch her business presentation.

The next morning the Minister sent a driver to fetch her from the hotel so they could meet at the Minister’s hotel. On her arrival the Minister started touching her and also tried to kiss her while making s_exual advances towards her.

After she refused, the Minister reminded her that he was the one responsible for signing and providing her with funds. She could not get the funds because she could not give in to the Minister’s demands.