South African rapper Nadia Nakai revealed during an Inta Live interview that she was not having a baby anytime soon. Nadia said she was not performing and she wanted to have a baby when her finances are stable.

She also said she doesn’t have a man at the moment to have a baby with. However Nadia revealed that her ideal baby daddy must be like the American rapper The Game. She said she could have a baby with him at any given time.

Nadia Nakai confirmed that she was going to be an aunt to Cassper Nyovest baby. She added that she was already looking for a gift online to give to the baby.

Asked about how she keeps her body in shape, Nadia said she was just practicing good eating habits and was not having any exercises besides when she is performing on stage.

About her skin, Nadia revealed that she wasn’t using any beauty skin cares to keep her skin beautiful and glowing, rather she only baths it and put make-up.

As a female rapper she said she was excited that her album “Nadia Naked” was out and people were loving it. She said she was disappointed that her concept that was slated for August is no more because of Covid-19.