Dinner At Somizi’s which is hosted by Somizi Mhlongo might be flopping. The number of viewers it is pulling is far below the number it was expected to pull.

The show focuses on Somizi cooking for a celebrity guest whilst they laugh, sing and talk about anything and everything.

The celebrity sometimes take some time to explain their truth like when Zahara talked a bit about her drinking problem and explained the situation.

The show so far has featured actress Rami Chuene and singer Zahara. The show does not put all the attention on the cooking like ingredients measurements.

It’s a bit of a hybrid between a talk show and a cooking show. There have been complaints that the show is more like a talking show than a cooking show hence it must be called a talking show.

Dinner At Somizi’s was expected to have around 100 000 viewers but it only has 43 100 viewers. The other reason for low viewers is that the show airs on 1 Magic which is only available on a premium package.