Actress Candice Modiselle took to Twitter to share some hard truth. With the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, loss of jobs and incomes people are emotionally, physically and mentally affected.

Below are Candice Modiselle’s Tweets.

“As someone who has previously struggled with codependency and overcommitting to my relationships ‘both platonic and romantic’ at my own expense. I’m learning to say ‘not now’, without guilty. You’re not a bad person for setting boundaries and choosing to not always be there.”

“I also think I don’t have the capacity to be as supportive, present and strong in my friendships as what I used to be. Without guilt. I can’t. And that’s okay. I’ve been the strong friend for too long.”

“I’ve learnt that this ‘invest the same energy’ narrative is flawed. Life is dealing us different cards and to assume everyone can reciprocate the same effort is extremely problematic. All we can offer is our best and that should be enough. There is no understanding without empathy”

Most of the tweeps agreed with her that as a person one can not always be there for everyone as it is exhausting.