Ayanda Ncwane widow of late gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane was disqualified from being a beneficiary of Sfiso’s Estate.

Ayanda was disqualified because she was one of the witnesses who signed the Will and also a sole beneficiary of the Will.

The law automatically disqualifies her from being a beneficiary because a witness to a Will can not inherit the estate because of the influence they might have exerted on the person whose Will it was.

Some even believed that Sfiso had no Will and that Ayanda forged it as the Will was written in October, the same year that Sfiso died.

This all came to light when two of Sfiso’s children born out of wedlock challenged Ayanda in court as the executor of Sfiso’s estate.

Ayanda might still walk away with half of Sfiso’s estate because they were married in community of property.