Vusi Thembekwayo, the entrepreneur, shared a very important message on leadership.

He said his research has revealed that there are 4 characteristics of effective leaders that build teams and these are:

1. Humble to new knowledge

Effective leaders know and are comfortable in the knowledge that they do not know everything.


2. Stubborn to defeat

Leaders understand that “things not going your way” is part of the chant of entrepreneurs. So we have to learn to be resilient and resolute in our pursuit of our goals. You have to be stubborn to defeat.

3. Clear elevating goal

Most entrepreneurs get caught in the everyday trap of sameness so much that they forget to not just run a business and manage people. They forget to lead.

He added that, if you want to build a business, build the team and if you want to build a team, build the people. If you want to build a team, lead.