A lot of rumours have been going around about rapper Reason, especially about his separation from Luthando Lootlove who he has twins with.

Rumours were that the mother of his twins left him because he was broke. The musician set the record straight on Twitter recently.

Reason said that Lootlove left him because she had lost faith in him and not because he was broke.

“It is safe to say she lost faith”, he said. He denied being broke at all and said he is a ghost rider for some of the country’s rappers thus he was getting royalties as a music creator.

He criticised other Mzansi rappers for focusing on dissing each other on social media instead of focusing on crisis like Gender Based Violence, Covid-19 and police brutality.

Lootlove revealed on her Instagram that even though they separated with Reason the two were still dedicated parents to their twins.