As cases of Covid-19 continue rising in South Africa with over 130 000 cases, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have called for the country to go back to level five lockdown.

The EFF said the cases throughout the country kept on rising on a daily basis and called on government to bring back level five of lockdown and to provide the citizens with all the necessities they require.

However some disagreed with EFF saying they were selfish. A lot of people said the EFF were talking cheaply from their government residents where they do not pay rent like any other ordinary worker.

Some said they would rather die of Covid-19 than to just sit at home doing nothing. A lot of people in the country are drowning in debts because of the extended lockdown period.

Even though people said they are managing under level three, government has advised that some of the level five lockdown regulations be followed. However a lot of people need to work as some of them never received food parcels or grants.

The EFF in their argument revealed that if the cases continued rising, the health sector will not cope and a lot of people will die thus bringing South Africa to it’s knees.