Somizi Mhlongo had to defend his new baby on social media when tweeps started to come after him.

Somizi has an exciting new cooking show that is coming out very soon. Not everyone is excited as he is.

People accused Somizi of being greedy and stealing the limelight in too many areas. Some said he must stick to what he is already doing and be grateful for blessings he already has.

A tweep said , “I am not saying Somizi can’t cook, is there no chefs out there with ambitions of having a cooking show with an element of entertainment or is @Multichoice just looking at the bottom line? Ratings?”.

Somizi was quick to reply and he said, “Oh there are. They just need to put in the work to even be in the same conversation as Somizi. You forget that this man has hustled and put in the work for decades. Somizi wasn’t built in a day.”

Somizi added that the South African entertainment industry was underpaid and was not like Hollywood, thus he needed multiple streams of income to survive.