Duduzane Zuma had an interview this week with Bassem Terkawi, popular coach and author of the book PEACE IN.

Terkawi starts by introducing Duduzane as a successful married father of 2 who was born in 1982.

The Death of His Mother

Duduzane said when his mother committed suicide he internalized it and did not talk a lot about it to members of the family as he felt he was a pillar of strength.


He said there was a lot of anger and a lot of confusion at the time. Duduzane said he looks at other people who have both parents and he feels that he is missing out on having his mother when he has success.

Zuma Poisoning in 2014

When Zuma was poisoned and severely sick Duduzane Said he had to be with him at that time.

Poisoning of His Brother in 2018

Duduzane said this was a traumatic event in his life and this has helped him to be more resilient. The poisoning was meant for Jacob Zuma and Duduzane himself, but eventually they got his brother.

Duduzane said he assumed the role of pillar of strength. He said it was not easy and he now understands what it means when they say politics is a dirty game.

Duduzane said his younger brother had a disease called Lupus and the people who poisoned him got him when he was getting his treatment. He said he only escaped poisoning because he moved around and he was not a sitting duck.

Duduzane said seeing his father burying his young brother who was in his 20s was very painful.