Top Billing visited singer and song writer Londie London to see her beautiful home and to discuss how she became so successful at such a young age.

At 26 years old Londie London has achieved so much from fashion to music and all this started on Instagram.

She has become a well known influencer in South Africa. Londie London started by posting pictures of herself in different outfits on Instagram. She also posted short music videos of herself.

She realised that people loved what she was doing and the next thing brands were scrambling to work with her. She has worked with many clothing brands. She wears their clothes and then advertise for them on her social media platforms.

Londie revealed that the name London came from her fans in her home town Witbank who said she looked like a person from London thus she added London on her name.

She revealed that her mother was her biggest inspiration and motivation. Londie London has since started her own designer clothing line.