A video posted by shauwn Mkhize of her son Andile Mpisane showing off his new massive luxurious Bentley has sent South African social media into a frenzy.

MaMkhize’s reality show KwamamMkhize broke the record by reaching 1,7 million views. She said she was humbled by how people appreciate her. She revealed that she owns a soccer team.

Shauwn Mkhize said she did the reality show in order to reclaim her identity and for people to know the real Shauwn Mkhize instead of what people say about her.

MaMkhize revealed five secrets about herself recently during an interview and here they are. The first secret is that she is shy. Secondly her favourite meal is tinned fish and rice. Her third secret is that she uses Vaseline on her face.

MaMkhize’s fourth secret is that growing up she was a tomboy and lastly she was scared to fall pregnant and she cried in the doctor’s room because she thought having a child at an early age was a set back.