The Queen actor Mlamli recently accused the Fergusons of underpaying him. Mlamli plays the character of Captain Sthembiso Radebe on the show. The Fergusons have been accused on many accounts for mistreating their actors.

He accused them of mistreatment, deceit and underpaying him. He said he received an increment of 100 rands from the Fergusons.

His letter basically said the Fergusons made him pay for being on their show. The Fergusons are not known to responding to their employees but this time they decided to speak out.

Lauren Nell denied the accusations and this is what she said, “the role he played was meant for someone residing in Johannesburg and he was made aware of that, but he said he will take it.”

She added that after many complaints the Fergusons were open to making another contract for him that says he will be paid monthly even though he was not working.

“There was a time when he was not working but he was paid. The Fergusons pay their workers very well and they even give them vouchers during festive seasons, she said”.