Actress Ntando Duma and her daughter Sbahle Mzizi joined Afternoon Express virtually to talk about home schooling and life in general under lockdown.

Ntando said since it was lockdown and schools were closed, she has been home schooling her daughter Sbahle in preparation for when the schools open.

Her daughter is now able to read and write and can speak good English. The duo of mother and daughter do a lot of cooking and exercises when they are not doing school work.

She added that they have been baking a lot and Sbahle was so eager to learn baking. Ntando also said they sleep at the same time whenever they get the chance because when Sbahle is not asleep they will be busy.

Sbahle Mzizi already has her own YouTube and Instagram accounts where she posts videos of her various activities as per her followers requests.

Ntando Duma concluded by saying it was very tough being under lockdown but her daughter kept her going. She added that she has also gone back to work.