Polygamous Musa Mseleku has decided to contribute on the ongoing fight against Gender Based Violence. This comes following the murder of many women by their male counterparts in South Africa.

Mseleku revealed that he married four wives and he has learnt to deal with each and every one of them. He said he always tries by all means to be a better man to all of them.

He said people should be transparent in relationships and seek help if dealing with issues one can’t deal with on their own. He urged men with anger issues not to use their masculinity to oppress women.

Mseleku also said rather than pushing confrontation a man must walk away from the situation. He said walking or driving, calling or talking to someone you trust will help ease the situation.

He added that mean are not supernatural beings that can manage everything on their own. He condemned Tshego Pule’s boyfriend and any other men who have killed women because they fear to ask for help or to take responsibility.

Mseleku concluded by saying men can do it on their own and be able to deal with anger management issues. He said it was just a matter of making a good choice.