Zodwa Wabantu trended at number one on Twitter following the release of her promotional video for her Herrwood Medical Clinic in Durban.

The clip was aimed to promote the clinic’s latest service offering which aims at helping men with premature ej*cul*tion.

Zodwa Wabantu appeared in the video wearing lin_gerie before she jumped on top of her co-star Siphesihle Phumulani Mgxobani and pretended to be inti_mate with him.

A few seconds later she claimed that he had ej_acul*ted in less than 20 seconds and called for a standby doctor and nurse to help out.

Zodwa then continued in the video explaining the benefits of how it will be good for both of them to be ple_asured.

Many people were left in shock and wondering as to how much Zodwa was being paid by the clinic since all her promotional videos are too expl_icit.