Prophet Mboro has rebuked Bishop Bafana Zondo by saying they do not serve the same God. He revealed that they were embroiled in a big fight with Bishop Zondo.

Mboro went further to say his church was in a spiritual war with Bishop Zondo’s church. He also said they have different sources of power and that Zondo’s powers were kindergarten when compared to his.

“There are a lot of things happening at Rivers of Water Ministries led by Zondo which we are not willing to be associated with or be part of,” Prophet Mboro said.

He pleaded with God to forgive Bishop Zondo. He also said he was sending back all the insults that came from Bishop Zondo where he attacked Mboro and his church.

“I am not saying he is a devil worshipper nor am I saying he is worshipping God. He knows what he is worshipping and mixing to get his powers”, Mboro added.

Prophet Mboro pleaded with everyone to never mix him with Bishop Zondo. He urged people never to touch their television screens whenever Zondo is appearing on TV. Mboro concluded by saying Zondo was a small boy when it comes to their powers and fights.