Musa Mseleku sits down with his third wife MaKhumalo to discuss on how to use other people’s money to make more money for themselves.

MaKhumalo spoke about having enough savings in your bank account until the bank is forced to approach and offer you a facility that will make you earn more interest for your money.

The financial institution will gain trust in you and after that they will be forced to forge a friendship with you. This institution will ask you,”What can we do for you?”.

The bank will then offer you their money to start a business. She said that you must buy yourself a house or a car to show them that you don’t just sit in money.

MaKhumalo added that having money in your bank account will add more value on it than stashing it under the bed in your house.

She said if the bank gives you money buy trucks for example. Use money generated from the trucking business to pay back the money you owe the bank. While doing this your own money will be growing in the bank.