Rapper AKA is when known for engaging himself in Twitter wars. This time around he dragged his daughter Kairo into his mess.

AKA recently launched his music app, the AKATv app. He tweeted, “Everybody is going to try and do their own app now. Mark my words.”

A fan responded by saying, “Just like you tried the Auto tune thing.” AKA quickly hit back and this is what he said:

“Kairo is ten times richer than you and she can neither read nor write”. People started coming for Kairo and how she can not read and write. This angered DJ Zinhle who quickly jumped in to defend her daughter.

DJ Zinhle tweeted, “Talking about how my child can not read or write, are you crazy? Are you mad?, Kairo is just four years old. She can not read and write, there is nothing wrong with that.”

She added,” I don’t care who did what unless Kairo came directly to you and said something. Leave her alone, she is just four years old. Deal with whoever offended you and leave my child alone.