Sophie Lichaba was born on the 29th of June 1972 in Soweto, South Africa. At the age if seven, her mother moved her to an orphanage in Zimbabwe so that she could get better education as was offered in Arpatheid South Africa.

Sophie also did her High school in Zimbabwe and this is where she met her first husband Themba Ndaba. She got pregnant at the age of sixteen and they were blessed with a baby girl, they named her Rudo.

Her mother helped in raising Rudo since Sophie was still a teenager. In December 2011 Sophie married Keith Harrington, but they divorced in 2012 after pastor Keith was accused of being a fraudster.

The former Generations star revealed in an emotional interview that she was diabetic. She was cyber bullied because of her weight loss. She also revealed that she lost both of her parents to diabetes.

In 2018, Sophie was a victim of a disturbing death hoax rumour. A false news report claimed that the actress had died. Due to her terminal illness, a lot of people were quick to believe the rumours.

The rumour affected her whole family emotionally. Her events planning business was not spared, she also suffered depression. In 2017, Sophie Lichaba married Max Lichaba and this was her third marriage.