Bishop Stephen Zondo who is the leader of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries has been exposed for sleeping and impregnating his own daughter.

This was said by his sister in an interview where she also revealed that the Bishop was a leader of several church branches across South Africa. She said he was sleeping with women from all these branches.

The sister went further to say sleeping with women was part of Bishop Zondo’s satanic cult. She said this is what led him to sleeping with his own daughter.

She added that she was afraid to have her own children visit Bishop Zondo’s house after he slept with his niece who was just 19 years old.

In a shocking revelation, she revealed that Bishop Zondo impregnated his daughter. He later forced his daughter to get rid of the pregnancy. The sister also alleged that Zondo slept with his own son.

Meanwhile, Bishop Zondo’s sister has challenged him to come out and deny the allegations if he feels like she is lying. She concluded by saying the Bishop was the devil’s advocate, an animal that sleeps with it’s own children.