YouTuber and social media influencer Thickleeyonce decided to break up with her boyfriend at the beginning of the national lockdown in March. She has remained single since then.

Thickleeyonce said she was sad about the break-up but this time it was over and this was the last they will ever break-up again because she is not going back.

She revealed that she had dated this guy for a long time and they had plans for the future together. Thickleeyonce said that they used to break up and then quickly get back together on several occasions but this time was final.

The reason for their break-up this time around was that her boyfriend couldn’t compromise, they were always fighting each other. She added that their relationship was now toxic and full of misunderstandings.

In addition to that she claimed that her boyfriend only loved her or acted right when she was not happy and threatening to leave. Thickleeyonce revealed that he only acted right out of fear of losing her which she described as hypocrisy.

Thickleeyonce also said that she has decided to practice self love, and try to heal from the relationship. She has been reading poetry and growing within herself as a single woman.