Simphiwe Dana had a weekend that was full of mixed emotions but yet extremely eventful. Her baby daddy decided to visit their children after a ten year absence.

The singer tweeted about the experience, she wrote, “Baby daddy is coming to see the kids after ten years of being absent. I hope he keeps his promise, he tell his people that I am keeping him away from his kids, men lie”.

Fans started dragging Simphiwe for saying men are liars. They told her to stop generalising. However she was not having any of it and she clapped back to silence them.

Meanwhile, the father of her children did not disappoint as he kept his promise and showed up to see his children after a decade long. Simphiwe revealed how excited the children were to see their father.

She added that she was done being bitter about what the father of her children put her and the kids through. She said she has forgiven him and was ready to start again.