Mihlali Ndamase was left furious when a follower sent her a DM on Instagram warning her that she would lose gigs if she continued being vocal about the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The fan told Mihlali to stop participating in the conversation saying that it was not wise for her to be involve herself in racial arguments at this time when the world is protesting the death of an African American George Floyd who was killed by a white policeman.

Others applauded Mihlali for standing up against injustices committed towards black people even if it meant angering those who employed her.

The fan could not stop and added that there were a lot of racists in South Africa and most of them have a lot of sway or power in the Coporate world.

Mihlali responded by saying she was not going to be silenced about the killings of her people. She said if any brand was to stop working with her because she was fighting for the rights of black people then that brand was against her because she is black.

“If any brand doesn’t want to be associated with me after this so be it, at least I will lose a bag knowing that I wasn’t silent during this time because silence will not protect us”, she added.