Veteran actress Sophie Lichaba was hospitalised during the current ongoing lockdown due to high sugar levels.

The actress had just made an amazing come back in the Mzansi Magic telenovela Lockdown after suffering from diabetes for almost over two years.

Sophie Lichaba is diabetic and she has been battling the disease for some time now. She lost a lot of weight and there were even rumours that she has died.

Sophie opened up about her recent visit to the emergency room on her Instagram page.

She posted a picture of herself and captioned the picture with words of gratitude to the Lord for constant restoration. She also thanked all the medical personnel for their daily sacrifices.

“I am living with diabetes, most vulnerable to this pandemic. I am still here, so grateful”, Sophie Lichaba added.

She reminded her fellow South Africans to keep safe during level three of lockdown. Last year Sophie was hospitalised after she blacked out whilst driving. The car was wrecked, fortunately she was not in a high way.