Former South African President Jacob Zuma and his fiancee Nonkanyiso Conco have decided to end their relationship.

It is reported that the two separated at the end of last year. Nonkanyiso was warned by the Zumas not to say anything to the media.

The 25 yeat old even deleted pictures of herself and the former president Jacob Zuma on her Instagram page.

The relationship started getting attention when Nonkanyiso’s social media post accused Jacob Zuma of being an absent father. They have a two year old son but Jacob Zuma is never around leaving Nonkanyiso to do parental duties alone.

Nonkanyiso has since moved out of her rented house near Balito in Durban which was paid by the former president.

Guards at the premises confirmed that Nonkanyiso vacated the premises at the end of last year. She was given a strong warning to keep the breakup under wraps so as not to attract media attention.