Nelson Ntombela is best known for his notorious terrifying character in’s soapie Rhythm City. His character name is Chicken the leader of a prison gang the 68s.

Ntombela is 32 years old, he was born in a township called Kagiso in Krugersdorp west of Johannesburg. Growing up in poverty, he got involved in crime.

At the age if 16, Ntombela was arrested for armed robbery and he was detained at a juvenile prison. While in prison he became a leader of the gang he was part of.

Ntombela goes around carrying a live chicken at public events in his neighbourhood that is where his stage name in the soapie was derived from. He is also a married man.

He knows all languages spoken in prison, 26s, 27s and the 28s. He uses this language to enhance his role as Chicken on Rhythm City. His sense of fashion is linked to izikhothane street pop culture. He sees himself as one of the founders of that fashion style.

Nelson is passionate about soccer and he has a scar on his right leg that he got while playing football.