Polygamist Musa Mseleku has warned that there are fake Facebook accounts under his name and his fourth wife MaNgwabe that are scamming people under the pretext of selling cars.

In a video posted on social media Mseleku and MaNgwabe revealed that the accounts were fake. They said they are not selling an new or old cars. They emphasised that the accounts were not theirs.

The couple said a lot of people have been scammed so far. Mseleku and MaNgwabe urged people not to deposit any money to these fake accounts claiming to be selling cars.

They added that the scammers might be people who know them. They appealed to everyone to never deposit money without verifications.

Musa Mseleku revealed that these scammers would ask their victims to pay deposit first before the car is delivered. After that the scammers vanish into thin air and at the end of the day it is him or MaNgwabe who is held as responsible.

In addition to that the couple said they have received numerous calls from people wanting to collect their already paid cars. They have people calling from East London, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.