Radio and TV personality Criselda Kananda has opened up about the health challenges she is facing during the Covid-19 pandemic as someone who has been living with HIV for 22 years.

She took to her Instagram page to open up about the challenges faced by those living with HIV, diabetes and cancer during the national lockdown period.

She said the constant cleaning of surfaces, sanitising, disinfecting and covered breathing though very necessary, it  leads to the weakening of immune systems. 

Adding on, she said the immune system becomes lazy giving strength to any existing bugs in the  body. After years of fighting her fighter cells are disarmed.

Criselda shared that she recently tested negative for Covid-19 and that due to her deteriorating health she is now forced to take ARVs.

She highlighted that the next six weeks are going to be hard but with God on her side she can face anything and any enemy.