President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced that South Africa will ease it’s national lockdown to level three with effect from 1 June. Somizi Mhlongo is not impressed with the development.

Most South Africans welcomed the news with open arms as level three means they could now purchase alcohol.

Metro FM presenter Somizi did not celebrate on the idea of selling alcohol. He posted a video on his Instagram where he revealed his concerns regarding the lifting of alcohol ban.

Somizi said he was worried that some people will hoard alcohol whereas the irresponsible ones will buy alcohol instead of prioritising necessities. He also said there was going to be chaos on the streets and on the supermarkets.

He confessed that South Africans were divided into rich and poor social classes. Somizi said he was not worried about the upper class since they have a lot of alcohol in their cellars.

However, he said those in the lower class are still not allowed to go back to work. His worry was that they will use the little savings they had to buy alcohol instead of buying basic goods for the whole family since children can not consume beer.