A Johannesburg businessman Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu trended after buying five expensive luxurious cars in one day. He uploaded a video on social media showing off his new sets of wheels.

The cars include three luxurious Porsches, an SUV Jeep and a massive Lamborghini. The man could be heard saying the cars were for his parents, kids, his wife and himself. A lot of people congratulated him.

However some also told him to take the Sam Holdings story as a cautionary tale and not attract attention by flaunting his wealth. The Hawks and SARS descended on Sam Holdings to investigate him after showing off his luxury lifestyle.

Those Prophets of Doom were right because a day later, a tweep by the name Peter Louis tweeted this:

“Five luxury cars in one go. We have to celebrate our successful business people. Please DM me if you know anything about Hamilton Ndlovu’s business activities, just want to do a little research for a profile piece”.

Tweeps disagreed and accused Peter of being an enemy of Black people progressing. They bashed him saying Peter’s race which is white has 12 cars in their houses but he never investigated them on Twitter.

Hamilton Ndlovu is the founder of Hamilton Holdings, a company that provides commercial and engineering services.