South African rapper Kiernan Forbes popularly known as AKA chats to Ms Cosmo about his very own app which is called AKATV. He also spoke about his new album that is coming soon.

The rapper revealed that he thought of launching the AKATV app even before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. AKA said he always dreamt of having his channel.

AKA added that he couldn’t rely on Instagram or YouTube to take him to greater heights thus he thought of having his own channel where he will fully own his content.

AKATV will allow the fans to engage with the content that is only from AKA. The AKAtv App is dedicated to his fans, those who buy his tickets during shows and those who buy his albums. He will also interact with his followers on the channel.

The rapper said he will have the Supa Mega Show on his channel every week where he will perform live for his fans. AKATV is there to provide interesting quality TV content from AKA.

The rapper revealed that he was working on new music. He said he already has thirty tracks ready to be released but the up-coming album will have ten tracks.