Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase explained during a question and answer session why she bites when kissing.

Asked if she has ever mistakenly bit someone during kissing, the popular make-up artist said she has done it. Mihlali said she bites during kissing, not by mistake but on purpose.

Mihlali said that it feels so nice to bite during kissing, adding that she does it gentle. However even though she likes kissing she has never kissed a guy who is over 45 years old as she can not date someone the same age with her parents.

She went on to say she has had intercourse on public before. When asked about ever being a side chick, Mihlali said she was a side chick by default as she did not know that the guy was dating another girl already.

She has never dated a guy younger than her but she has been dumped by a boy before. Mihlali Ndamase confessed that she has peed on herself on many occasions. She has not dated two boys at the same time.

Mihlali has never dated someone twice her own age. As a young girl she once sneaked out through the window to go to a party. She is allergic to apples and she oftenly googles her name to see what comes up.