Actress Thando Thebethe found herself having to justify the legitimacy of her certificates on Twitter after a tweep accused her of faking them.

It all started when she posted several of her certificates from school on Twitter.

She captioned them,” So my mom pulled out the receipts yesterday… she kept all my certificates and reports literally from primary through to Varsity, my heart is full… sometimes you have to see how far you’ve come to keep going”.

Her certificates were full of As. It was all positive vibes until someone accused her of faking certificates. “I know the Malusi certificates was fake, nice try @thando thabethe.

They claimed that Thando was a liar and that they had gone to school with her. Thando replied by saying she could not randomly create a Matric certificate.

However, the tweep was adamant and was convinced that Thando was lying. They might have mistaken her for someone as they claimed she matriculated in 2009.