Duduzane Zuma and Jacob Zuma discuss about the inequalities that are in the South African economy and social living standards. They talk about the gap between capitalism and socialism in a democratic country.

He said South Africa has a problem of following a trend where a certain group of people who have been benefiting for a long time are still benefiting at the expense of the oppressed poor South Africans.

Jacob Zuma weighed in by saying the poor people must benefit from the wealth of the South African economy. Zuma gave an example of China a socialist country that is over taking capitalist countries. He added that South Africa must follow the steps taken by China in developing it’s poor citizens.

He added that the ANC government must budget for the development of the rural areas and it’s people since they are the majority of people who go to vote.

Zuma also said leaders now compromise policies that could have improved the lives of the poor societies, instead they are pleasing the capitalists because these certain leaders have businesses. He also spoke about the leaders being corrupt themselves as they seek business favours.

Duduzane Zuma said it was part of his generation to unlock the potential of South African wealth and economic freedom. He said it was the duty of young South Africans to end the unequal opportunities in the country.

He added that black people must not just sit on the peripheries and just admire, but they need to break the system and own the economy and resolve the issues of inequality.