Tbo Touch is a South African producer and entrepreneur with ventures from wines, spirits, perfumes and a growing media empire in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He has worked on Metro FM and SABC live music show. Tbo Touch was born in Sharpeville in 1981 and was raised by his grandparents. He is the founder of Touch HD an online radio station.

Tbo Touch relocated to New York State in 1997 to further his studies. He was adopted by Bishop Robert and Majorie Jones in New York before moving to stay with their first daughter Grace in New York City in 2001.

His passion for the entertainment industry expanded more in 2002 when he worked for Def Jam Records as an intern under the leadership of Kevin Liles which was later passed on to Jay Z as President of Def Jam.

In 2004 Tbo Touch had a meeting with the station manager of Metro FM in Manhattan. SABC wanted to have a satellite radio station in New York. Tbo Touch managed to successfully stage the radio’s first concert which featured Akon .

In 2005 he flew to Zurich to meet with John Legend to seal his first trip to South Africa. Tbo Touch has hosted several shows in his over ten years of career including the popular Rhyme and Reason.

He became the first radio and tv personality to host two live television and radio shows in two different studios, both running simultaneously on SABC 1 and on Metro FM.