Dj Zinhle is one of the leading and most successful DJs not only in South Africa but in Africa as a whole. This means Zinhle can afford to live an expensive and luxurious life.

The mother of one owns an expensive, luxurious and beautiful house in Johannesburg. Most celebrities and her best friend Pearl Thusi attended DJ Zinhle’s house warming.

The house has a walk-in closet where Dj Zinhle keeps her collection of expensive shoes and bags. The best thing about the house is that it was built from ground.

The interior of the house is so beautiful with a chandelier topped kitchen. There are several bedrooms which are decorated in nice colours.

The floors in the dining and sitting area are in black and white. The couches are grey to match the grey and white walls.

Dj Zinhle’s house has a beautiful staircase since the house is a double storey. There is also a balcony for her to relax while looking at the beautiful view it offers.