Zodwa Wabantu has called out former Uzalo actress Nokuthula Mabika and her friend for trying to party with her even if they are not friends.

The dancer posted a picture of Nokuthula and her friend Thabile on her Instagram so that her fans would see who she was talking about.

It is reported that Nokuthula and Thabile wanted Zodwa Wabantu to attend their party where she was going to dance and in return they would pay her with alcohol.

Zodwa did not take this kindly and she went on Instagram live to put the duo on their places. She said they were pieces of human waste and that they are sniffing staff with their noses.

She did not stop there, Zodwa reminded people that Nokuthula Mabika ran over and injured a child last year. She said Mabika did not offer the child’s family with support when their child who is now paralysed was in ICU.