To be the wife of a DJ one has to be very strong because their livelihood is to entertain people at parties and gigs where there are beautiful half naked women some of whom will be throwing themselves at the DJs.

Thus because of this DJs are mostly single and if they get married the marriage rarely last. DJ Tira said he has learnt to be faithful to his wife.

DJ Tira has made news headlines before for cheating on his wife. Tira said that was in the past as he now wants to focus on his family, his wife Gugu and their three children.

I am now a responsible Tira, I have a whole team behind me who can’t afford for me to flop. I am trying to be responsible and not let anyone down said Tira.

Tira’s marriage to Gugu may be seven years old but the two had been together for eleven years before that and for celebrities this is an achievement.

He added that marriage was good as it was keeping him away from trouble. He also said he wanted to be a role model for his three children.