Actress Ayanda Borotho has spoken on how people have been fooled into thinking that in order to be civilised they have to abandon their traditional ways.

The actress wrote a book in which she spoke about casting off what society expects of you and becoming your best self.

She took to Instagram to ponder over the word civilisation and how it has been used to rob us of our tradition.

The word ukuphucuka meaning civilised came from the Western ideology in the sense of being better than others in Isintu.

The term is derived from the word ukuphucwa meaning to have something taken away from you. “Life has never been clearer. We have never been more exposed. It is on that chair I sit and introspect,” she wrote.

“How we have been fooled to move away from the very surroundings that make us one with you, where the ancient wisdom of our people resides”.

She added that we are separated from our tradition so that we chase a flashy life. People chase big screen TVs and cars that buy us a place to fit in the world that we don’t belong.