As the gym is closed and public parks being no go zones as well, many are training at home. This is a struggle for those who are not used to this kind of setting.

Fitness trainer and 2019, Men’s Health Cover Guy Challenge Winner Mnqobi Kunene gives a few tips on how to keep Fit at home without using machines.

Mnqobi does what is called body weight training, which is useful during lockdown. It helps with losing weight and in gaining body strength using your own body.

This kind of training is different from doing training in a gym. One can use their body to do mountain climb ups or planks. Body weight training is also free no money is required like at the gym. It can be easily done at home.

Running around the yard or balcony is also part of body weight training  as it helps with burning calories in the body. There is no need for long distance running when doing this kind of training.

He added that it is important to avoid fatty foods, cakes and beverages during lockdown rather have fruits to get nutrients, meat and veggies are recommended aswell.