Like the star in her movie, she is not just a dreamer, she is a maker. Keitumetse ‘Director Kit’ talks about what goes on behind her lens.

Keitumetse is a film maker and she is working on the Edgars winter BreakoutFashion film. As a film maker her job is to make the project come to life.

She incorporated colours and textures to give her movie it’s unique look. She took the changing seasons into account thus she chose orange because they will be shooting at night.

Her fashion film was inspired by Johannesburg’s beautiful marble buildings. She wants people to see how the City of Joburg has inspired some of Edgars’ Fashion looks.

In addition to that the models will showcase their energy throughout the scenes in order to blend well with the vibes found in the City of Joburg.

Keitumetse said South Africa has a distinct fashion taste when compared to other places around the world. 

SouthAfricans have adopted fashion and style according to their environments for example it might always look like it’s winter in the City of CapeTown whilst it’s warmer in Johannesburg.