Songstress Kelly Khumalo has always been open about trusting and loving God even though a lot of people constantly judge her because of her dressing.

A few months back she addressed those and said Christianity is a personal relationship with God and no one has the right to question it or judge.

She recently posted a video of herself delivering a message from God. In the video the singer looks sad, down and she was also crying.

She said she has been sent to ask everyone to get on their knees and tell God what they want out of this situation. Maybe she was referring to the situation of the deadly pandemic Covid-19.

“Hi everyone I have been sent to ask you, all of you, I don’t care which part of the world you are at. I have been summoned to ask you guys to get on your knees and tell God what you want out of this situation”, she said.

The singer seems to have had enough and has suffered a mental breakdown due to the lockdown.