Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu discuss some key things about their relationship which they learnt from their honeymoon as they celebrated their first year of marriage.

The couple went to Mauritius for their honeymoon. They spent a week in that country where they booked into a beautiful resort and enjoyed a lot of Mauritian cuisine among others things.

They engaged in lots of activities and entertainment offered at the resort. The couple learnt to solve their misunderstandings in less time than to keep it going for days. They confessed to arguing a lot during their honeymoon.

The Ndlovu’s said they ate a lot and they actually gained weight during their honeymoon. Their anniversary was on the 23rd of February this year 2020.

Hungani and Stephanie got married on the 23rd of February 2019. The young couple kept their marriage a secret for a long time because they say they were still figuring out the married life.

During their honeymoon they went on several game drives except there was no game, they only got to see the panorama of the Mauritian jungles and some birds.

For their anniversary they went to a reserve in NorthWest. They also went on a game drive and this time they got to see the elephants, lions, rhinos, zebra and a lot of other wildlife.