Sophie Lichaba formerly (Ndaba) is a seasoned, stylish and certainly one of the most successful actresses of our time.

She is also a businesswoman with her own wedding events company. She is best known for her role as the glamorous Queen Moroka on Generations.

Sophie practically grew up on Generations as she was part of it for 21 years. She was there from day one of Generations up until the show ended. She confessed to using her brains and creativity in order for her to stay that long in the show.

The actress confirmed that she never tried to change herself because by that time most of the actresses on Generations looked like models while she was big and her body inspired a lot of black South African women.

In addition to that she said while on Generations she was selling herself to show people that nomatter who you are love yourself, do not even try to change your skin.

The actress has been through a journey with sickness and is recovering. She confessed how painful she felt after losing half of herself.

However she does not hide because her body has changed, she embraced the situation which is inspirational to many.

Sophie said because of the sickness her business was put on hold as many people said she was dying and were not willing to put their money at risk.

She also said the negativity from most South Africans killed her body and everything else she had as people joked about her sickness.