Since President Ramaphosa announced the 21 day lockdown, many people are worried about stocking enough food that would last them through this period.

While most people were in supermarkets, Somizi Mhlongo was in Braamfontein buying from a street vendor.

Street vendors rely on selling on the streets for their survival and with the lockdown coming into effect it means they are going to be indoors and their businesses will be affected greatly.

Somizi bought the whole stuff from one woman who was selling on the street. He told the woman to count the cost of her whole staff of which Somizi went on to pay for all of them.

The popular radio and television presenter bought everything from the vendor as a way to show his support during this difficult period.

He encouraged people to buy from the street vendors first before going to a supermarket. Somizi added that supermarkets can survive the 21 day lockdown but vendors could not..