Watch as Trevor Noah has his first Broadcast from his home due to the self Isolation required for Coronavirus in New York!

This is what the show wa about:

According to Trevor Noah, President Donald Trump said they have found a treatment for Covid-19. Governors are taking action and spring break has been cancelled.

The American President can be seen in a video claiming that they have found a cure for the pandemic.


People around the world have been distancing for a few days now. Coronavirus is a serious disease, it’s not just for old people.

Trump said the virus could have been stopped easily, if it was known earlier. A drug for malaria known as chloroquine can be used according to Trump.

He said the drug will be made available immediately. America has reported about 10 000 cases of the coronavirus.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, who is the FDA commissioner said they will be looking into the drug as directed by the President.

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo suspended mortgage payments for people in financial hardships since everything has stopped working.

Ron De Santis, who is the governor of Florida closed all beaches because the youth come in large numbers to spend time on the beaches during spring break.