Omuhle Gela who acts on the Queen Mzansi as Khumbuzile seems to have been sharing a bae with influencer Mbali Sebapu and it has resulted in one of them being pregnant.

Well there is a bun in Omuhle Gela’s beautiful oven and she is happy. Omuhle is said to be 4 months pregnant and the father is Nsovo Mashaba who apparently is in a stable relationship fit fitness fenatic Mbali Sebapu.

Omuhle confirmed her pregnancy, however never made mention of the father of the baby. Sources told Daily Sun that Omuhle tried to hide her pregnancy because she was aware that Mashaba was in a relationship with Mbali.

“She has a good support system and has no time to run after the childish guy [Nsovo], who knew what he was getting himself into, “He’s obsessed with famous girls and we warned Omuhle”, said the source.

Initially Mashaba was committed to raising the baby with Omuhle but all of a sudden he changed saying” he wasn’t ready to be a father”.