Kelly Khumalo is one of the celebrities in the South African entertainment industry who have been caught up in a lot of controversies. She is a songstress and a mother.

She sat down with MacG to talk about her musical career, relationships, her drug addiction and her spiritual journey.

Key Points 

  1. Kelly Khumalo says she quit school at Grade 10 so that she could venture into music.
  2. She says her mother hated her for quitting school and she ran away from her mother’s house.
  3. Kelly says she has been duped on several occasions in the entertainment industry.
  4. At nineteen years old Kelly Khumalo was making R80 000 per gig.
  5. She says she has never been booked by promoters because they wanted to sleep with her.
  6. Her first album was released in August 2005. She was nominated for the SAMAs. She also shared the stage Missy Elliott.
  7. She says she was all over the magazines and she was  performing at the Metros.
  8. Kelly Khumalo said she is a recovering drug addict. She says she can not work when she is not sober.
  9. She regrets ever taking drugs. She says she is 6 years sober and she is not planning on taking drugs again.
  10. Kelly says she believes she is spiritual.
  11. She says she believes in loving and receiving love.
  12. She says she has been cheated on before in some of her relationships.
  13. She says she will never be mad at the lady who will be involved in the cheating. She will always be mad at the man because he is the one she has an agreement with.
  14. Kelly Khumalo says she used to cheat when she was younger. She no longer believes in cheating.
  15. She met her husband Ched on a video shoot.
  16. He proposed to marry her just three days after their first meeting.
  17. She says Ched is different from her previous boyfriends because he is Godly.
  18. Kelly says if it doesn’t work out with Ched, she will not give up on love.
  19. She used to be very close friends with Somizi Mhlongo.
  20. She says the whole entertainment industry is a shame as it is full of fake people.
  21. She says when ever she meets Dineo Ranaka or Manaka Ranaka they always have good vibes because they are real.
  22. She says she only vents on her husband and she only prays to God.
  23. She says she wants to be remembered as one woman who lived on being authentic.
  24. She says DJ Fresh is one of the people who have supported her music.
  25. She said Bonang is one of the iconic women in Mzansi and she is proud of her. She says Kwesta is a humble guy.
  26. Kelly says Boity is very bubbly and it’s always a pleasure to meet her. She also said Boity is a amazing person and rapper.
  27. She is writing a book and it’s based on how society views women. Why society is not favouring women and not allowing women to have a voice.
  28. She says she has tried to be a Sangoma but then she realised that it is not meant for her.
  29. She started pursuing her journey with God because she grew up in church.
  30. Kelly says she is open to becoming a preacher in the future.
  31. She says she would love to share a stage with herself and not any other person including Beyoncè.