We remember 2018, the former Yo TV presenter and Doctor, Dr Musa Mthombeni had a big crush on Thuso Mbedu, not only that but even Musa’s mom was courting her on behalf of her son at Akhumzi’s funeral.

“my mother cornered @Thusombedu after the funeral to ask her why she isn’t giving me a chance and her grandchildren. My mom has reached a new level of needy” – Musa

Despite the big crush that everybody knew he had on Thuso, she quickly put him on friendzone, however it seems the boy is now in Lovezone.

Dr has been posting cryptic pictures of a girl on Instagram and some people did some detective work and found the lady that has the doctor Smitten.

The lady goes by the Name of @hlatsi on Instagram, in one of the pictures the doctor posted, he cut of the face of the lady but the very same picture is on Hlatsi’s profile and the doctor had brought her a bouquet of 200 roses.

It seems like finally the doctor has got the ticket to the land of “Kwalove lives here” as he seems so in love.